Alex Jakob-Whitworth

We ask much of our equine companions, be they sports partners, leisure companions, or working animals.

Our relationship with the horse has changed a great deal as time has changed our experience and use of them. We live in a “quick fix” technological age and many feel that our understanding of horses has been lost.

Change and time have also brought about a renewal of awareness of the differences of the equine mind. This can help us in our work with horses.

We now understand that horses will often be telling us in tiny subtle ways that they either don’t understand something, or that it hurts, or that they are fearful.
We bring them into the world. We impose our wishes upon them, surely it is our responsibility to ensure that they have kind and fair life with us.

Alex Jakob-Whitworth has over 30 years of experience with horses and over 20 years experience in teaching. She takes a holistic approach to solving problems and specialises in equine behaviour and equine physiotherapy; is a Technical Advisor for Solution Saddles and runs equine experiences for people.

She is available for call outs, teaching workshops, demonstrations and clinics and is qualified and insured.

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