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Equine Massage for Owners

May 17th 2015
A basic introduction for owners, to the art of equine massage. It is well known that the body strives to heal itself. Massage can help this process; it also promotes health, suppleness, well-being and horse/human bonding. Learning to massage your horse can also help you identify changes before they become problems.

As a bonus, you will be learning on the beautiful Seren Arabians.
Massage also helps us bond with our horses and develop a “conversation” that increases our knowledge and understanding. There is now evidence that this kind of work with your horse, is also good for us!
In this workshop you will be taught:

  • When to, and when not to massage
  • Basic strokes and techniques
  • Basic anatomy that you need to know
  • How to assess your horse

When: 17th May 2015
Where: High House Centre, Nr Staveley, Kendal
Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Price: £70 inclusive of drinks and extensive handouts. Please bring your own lunch.
Alex has been a qualified and fully insured equine masseur since 2002. She has been involved with horses all her life and has over 20 years teaching experience. She has worked with a wide variety of horses – from the 4* eventer to the elderly mini.

Feel free to contact me to ask any questions. Payment secures booking.
07891 921416

/image/ Demonstration at Newton Rigg Campus, University of Lancashire and Cumbria

Alex has been running workshops and giving demonstrations since 2002. She also teaches the massage module of Pat Ki’s Equine Therapy Diploma (accredited by the FHT). See Links page for further information.

/image/ Students practising techniques — Pat Ki Equine Massage Diploma course

She is also available for demonstrations, lectures and workshops at livery yards, private stables or equestrian centres. Alex has held workshops in Cumbria, Leicestershire and Cambridge. Others are planned for Essex, Norfolk and Cheshire. Subjects covered include:

Equine Massage

Demonstration, or workshop for owners: introduction to Equine Massage and basic techniques.

/image/ Neck work

Handling and Halter Work

Demonstration or workshop: learning and re-learning guidelines for happy handling and good manners!


Holistic Horse Weekend

In which you are taught what to look for for effective holistic horse management — input from osteopath/barefoot trimmer/ massage therapist/ treeless saddle agent.


Bonding with your Horse

Discussion and techniques studying horse psychology – theory and practice.

/image/ “You scratch my back..!” Tempest enjoying the mutual grooming!

How your Horse Moves

Demonstration/lecture on Anatomy, includes the Paint Horse.

/image/ Students painting the horse to locate muscles and bones


An essential “tool” for any horse owner/handler. This workshop gives you a safe introduction to longlining your horse.

Mythology of the Horse

Why do we still have horses when their previous function is obsolete? Discussion and creative practice..

/image/ We have no “need” to jump cross-country anymore — so why do we?

Drawing Horses

What it says on the tin! Plus some tips on photographing horses. Tuition plus working from life.


The dates below are provisional (apart from the Pat Ki Equine Therapies Diploma). Please check back for confirmation of dates.


/image/ Seminar facilities in Cumbria

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