Solution Treeless Saddles

Solution Saddles – The Original Truly Treeless Saddle


Alex Jakob-Whitworth is a Technical Advisor for the Solution saddle.

This innovative saddle has no solid parts to damage your horse’s back and is designed to put the rider in a wonderfully effective and comfortable position — you (and your horse) will be as amazed as I was when I tried the Solution!

A range of high performance RigidFree™ saddles developed with scientifically researched designs using state of the art systems.

The market leading treeless saddle range – recommended and approved for all disciplines.

Designed by riders, used by riders

Horses change shape constantly throughout their lives – even small variations in weight will immediately affect saddle fit. Many experienced riders who do not believe that their horses are experiencing saddle issues at all, have been surprised at the improvements to performance that working in a SMART saddle have demonstrated.

Please check back for more pictures of happy horses and riders — in the interim please visit

I do occasionally have “pre-loved” saddles for sale — please contact me directly.

Below is a “Before” photo, showing typical resistance to a treed saddle…


…and here is the same horse “After” in her Solution saddle


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